Accidental Concoction

Who knew that a casual chat between two good friends would lead to the making of the hottest tequila brand in the world, and would make good money for them too

“Hey Gary, let’s open a grilled cheese food truck.” “What do you think about starting a clothing line?” “Shoe laundry? Sounds like a perfect business, Matt.”

All of us have shared such tequila-fuelled nights with friends that resulted in some drunk thoughts for ambiguous ventures, but actor George Clooney and businessman Rande Gerber actually worked on their ideas and made it happen.

It all started in 2010. Clooney and Gerber are long-time friends and they own vacation homes in Mexico on the same development. While vacationing together in Mexico, they would drink a lot of tequila from different bars and restaurants. From tequilas, that were bad, to few good ones to too expensive spirits, the two always wished to change something and finally decided to make one for their own that would be perfect. And, that’s how Casamigos was born, it loosely translates as ‘House of Friends’.

The duo vowed to concoct a tequila that could be sipped all day without conjuring a hangover. Clooney himself says that he wanted a fine tequila you didn’t have to cover up with salt or lime. Gerber and Clooney spent the next two years researching and tasting around 700 samples until they found a full-proofed recipe which was perfect and can be made just for the two to drink and share it with friends.

And that is what Casamigos is made for. It’s a small-batch, ultra-premium tequila created from only the very finest hand-selected 100 per cent Blue Weber agaves. It is roasted in traditional brick ovens for 72 hours and then fermented for an 80-hour period, sealed well to get that unique flavour. This liquor is meant to be sipped slowly and enjoyed with good company. It’s a tequila so smooth, Clooney and Gerber boast you can drink it neat.

Source: Casamigos

Initially, Casamigos was never intended to be sold to public and there was no fancy bottle or packaging involved. However, after ordering around 1,000 sample bottles of the tequila in just one year, their distiller suggested Gerber and Clooney to get a license. And, in 2013, Casamigos was officially launched and made available to the public. What started as a passion turned into a successful private-label business. In between 2014 and 2015, the brand doubled its production and became one of the fastest growing tequila companies in the world.

Casamigos was then sold to Diageo, a British multinational alcohol company, for $1 billion—it initially paid $700m for Casamigos – and would pay $300m depending on the brand’s performance over the next 10 years. However, Gerber and Clooney remain heavily involved in the business, apparently, the duo still tastes every batch of it.

Casamigo comes in three variations: Blanco, Reposado and Anejo – all are rested in American White Oak barrels which are carefully conditioned after being used to age the finest premium whisky. If you’re looking for something classic, we suggest trying out the Casamigos Margarita, made using Blanco.