Decoding sartorial trends

Giving some fun twists to our Indian men’s wear, designer Kunal Rawal loves non-conformist and multi-utility silhouettes. TCRP has some favourite picks from his latest collection

We were walking up to the staircase of the iconic music store in Kala Ghoda. The ceiling and the teak flooring still reminded us of the original architecture of the Rhythm House. Retaining those elements, the space was updated with a fresh monochrome palette and décor ideas. The interiors complemented the label’s design ethos. Luxury, contemporary, understated and sophisticated—this is how we define label Kunal Rawal.

With over 400 styles of festive wear for men on display, the label speaks volumes for its unconventional aesthetic style and deeply rooted Indian culture. “India aesthetically is so diverse. There is a space for everybody. However, there is a big aesthetic shift in last 10 years and Indian wear and occasion wear have become ‘cool’ again,” says Rawal.

He also believes that men today are well-researched and they know about what they want. He entered the fashion space with a complete encyclopaedia of garment exports and an aim to prioritise men’s style like that of a woman.

We observed that Rawal added fun elements to his creations. He plays a lot with French knots, appliquéing, pleating and metallic work in his fabrics and silhouettes. And his embroidered techniques have garnered recognition within the Bollywood circuit as well. Varun Dhawan, Arjun Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor often impress us by wearing his eponymous label. “You’ll sport some parts of my collection worn by Amir Khan, Anil Kapoor and Akshay Kumar as well,” adds Rawal.

Decoding sartorial trends

All you men out there, for your festive dressing you don’t have to choose from a single rack anymore. Sherwanis, jackets, bundi sets, kurta sets, bandhgalas, waist coats and much more in numerous colourways and design variations are here to spoil you for choices. “There is stuff that you can wear in Indian function or on a red carpet, anywhere across the globe,” explains Rawal. And you can wear it in multiple ways; creating different look with a single versatile piece, interesting! “It’s versatile clothing and that’s where the future is. One of the bigger trends globally right now is cross-cultural influences,” he adds.

Multi-utility runs in the veins of every Rawal’s garment and here are our picks for you to get involved in: