It’s TIME for some gig and coffee

Dan Niederer, the CEO of SevenFriday gives us a low down on the most unconventional brand for discerning men who seize each day

Simon gets up on a Monday and is so invigorated and excited about his work that it feels like a Friday. Everyday is a Friday for him. That’s the spirit of what SevenFriday represents. “SevenFriday is a mindset, an attitude and then a brand and a product,” exclaims Dan Niederer, the CEO of SevenFriday, a lifestyle brand.

The brand started off with some captivating industrial looking watches—a square in a round, colourful eclectic designs and interesting elements. Niederer was fond of watches so watches happened to be SevenFriday’s first product. But later they branched out into guitars, jackets, sunglasses and bracelets.

He captured the market and pulled the crowd through social media. However, Niederer also believed that all these lifestyle products need to be experienced and so he came up with an idea of SevenFriday Space. Something that was more fun—a lounge, a restaurant, just a place to chill. They not only set the time but also a unique and exciting gig space where the music magic happens, you make valuable connections along the way and pursue the passion of the everchanging artwork together. SevenFriday is a place where you can grab some cracking drinks and feast on some food paired with some good company – without feeling pressured to purchase a watch. There’s no shortage of reasons to spend some time here. “It’s a platform where you spend quality time with people you like and indulge in things you enjoy, whether its products or coffee or music. SevenFriday is a world where cultures exchange and connect,” says Niederer.

For those interested to have a look, watches will be served on their table in vintage deposit boxes no less, which have been cycled from their days in renowned Swiss banks. For customers who are seated in either the bar/lounge or dining areas, they can opt to have the watches they wish to view brought to their table. “Our concept is live SevenFriday, as simple as that but also as complicated as simplicity is,” adds Niederer. And we experienced the whole concept when SevenFriday welcomed us to spend some time at their space in Zurich. Modern and vintage inspired furniture, paired with some iconic wooden elements—surely represented the spirit of the brand. If shopping is not your priority, go for a gourmet gin cocktail, you are sure to fall in love with the concept.

The Spaces started in Jakarta, Indonesia back in 2016 with a design and a mindset that is now captivating people on three different continents. Having done their jobs properly, the CEO says, “We plan to extend globally our Space Concept of inclusivity and celebration of life (today, we have more than 25), and integrate it into our online presence via our 7F App.”

So now what? Don’t take too much time to analyse or decide, because experience has shown us that many of the SevenFriday watches don’t hang around too long. Not only watches, but also the unparalleled variety of sunnies, jackets and bracelets attract the right type of attention. Nierderer says, “There is simply more to life than watches alone. We try to apply our design language to a variety of ranges fitting the brand, and we also like to do what we enjoy.”

The luxury brand also has plans to bring Indian fashion cultures into international limelight. “I hope that from SevenFriday, you can always expect the unexpected. We like to keep pushing the envelope and work on creativity. We are also working on collaboration with an Indian artist/designer,” says Niederer. An interesting brand with a strong attitude indeed!

*Pictures are exclusively shot for TCRP. Location: SevenFridaySpace, Zurich