Smoke ‘Em

TCRP team samples the premium cigar line in the Arturo Fuente Cigar family—Opus X Robusto 1992 Rare Estate Reserve

Nestled in rich, volcanic soil of the Dominican Republic lies Chateau de la Fuente, home to one of the rarest cigars in the world—Opus X Robusto. The mineral rich soils of Domnican Republic, once deemed unsuitable for the wrapper tobacco. It never met with the expectations of the Manufacture. But the Fuentes planted Cuban seeds, grew them under shade, and ended up with gorgeous, reddish-brown tobacco full of power and character. That wrapper leaf became the defining component of the Opus X Robusto 1992 Rare Estate Reserve, dark and gutsy cigars with notes of red pepper and leather. It is matched with unparalleled vintage tobaccos for its filler and binder and was the first Dominican Puro in the market.

This Opus X has the longest ash we have ever experienced. The beginning is packed with power and the first boasts have bouquet of flavours that consists of precious wood, roasted arabica and spice. The smoke is soft and delicious. Halfway through and the mix of woody favours followed by some sugary notes will stay long on your taste buds. Flawless construction and exquisite flavours are presented in a metal pocket case, surely a keepsake.