The Magical Gin

Different botanicals distilled, tasted and blended together to create interesting flavour combinations, in process to create the Portobello Road No. 171 Gin

Portobello: A street in Notting Hill, England
Portobello: Has the world-famous blue door, that appears in Hugh Grant’s Notting Hill featuring Julia Roberts
Portobello: A road that leads to the magical land of Harry Potter
Portobello: A gin, Portobello Road No. 171 was created

If you think about it, there need not be any more descriptions about this gin. It has magic, romance and humour written all over it. But to give you more intrigue, we delve into the history of the magical gin. The makers Ged Feltham, Jake Burger and Paul Lane, in 2011, opened the Ginstitute in London’s famous Portobello Road above a 19th century drinking den. After nine months of research and experimentation on various drinks the Portobello Road Gin was born!

This gin is crafted from a perfect blend of nine botanicals and spices. It is an old-style London Dry Gin. The base spirit is distilled in England from English-grown wheat and the nine botanical ingredients come from all around the world.

The ingredients –

  1. Juniper berries
  2. Orris root
  3. Lemon peels
  4. Bitter orange peels
  5. Nutmeg
  6. Cassia bark
  7. Coriander seeds
  8. Angelica root
  9. Liquorice root

The tasting notes are dominated by juniper all the way, both on the nose and palate. The side notes are of berries, white pepper and lemon grass. The finish is dry, fresh and cleansing citrus. Overall it is an excellent gin!

According to the makers of the Portobello Road Gin, the perfect way to consume it is with ice, tonic water and a twist of grapefruit. Fill a tall glass with lots of ice. Pour the Portobello Road Gin and then top with tonic water. Make sure to pour it slowly so that it maintains its effervescence. Cut a thin piece of the grapefruit and twist it over the glass. This will release the oils from its skin. Then place the peel in the drink and sip away!

While it was created on a whim, the Portobello Road Gin has quickly become a connoisseur’s favourite. The popularity is ever increasing as it won the 2014 San Francisco Spirit Awards.

As mentioned above, the birth of the Gin is in Notting Hill, which is an affluent district of West London in England. Notting Hill is a place often frequented by movie stars and Hollywood celebrities. One can be sure that they would have this unique Gin in their leisure time. Feel like a star yourself by having the Portobello Road Gin.