The Perfect Smoke

Stylishly old-fashioned and a Tatler Man’s signature valuable, the Traveler Cigars have arrived in India to please your superior taste buds

Cigars have always been given utmost respect by society gentlemen. We’ve also seen Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Heidi Klum puffing away to their heart’s content. Eventually, cigars have now become like fine wines: a gourmet product. And we recently sampled some of the gourmet Traveler Cigars in New Delhi.

How did the Traveler Cigar reach India? It happened when Kastros, House of Cigars, proprietor Manish Datt met Emiliano of the World Traveler Cigars at a Cigar fair and discussed on how to get their cigars in India—Cigars that would be slightly unique to the country and also fit the taste profile of the smokers here.  And the World Traveler Cigars arrived in the country in April 2019.

The India series of these cigars have a gorgeous Habanas wrapper—brown, oily with a seamless appearance. Under this blend there is a flavourful filler with premium tobacco leaves from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic including the San Andres Mexico binder giving more flavour and aroma to the Word Traveler cigars.

Each cigar is medium-bodied, with unique nuances such as black pepper, freshly baked bread, and unsweetened cocoa. You might also notice some toast and lightly creamed coffee notes. Mild creamy cigar with hint of cinnamon in the beginning and then moves to slight spice in the second half. Consistent smoke and great construction.

Here are the three Traveler Cigars that were unveiled at Kastros:

KOLKATA, a Robusto 5”x56 Ring Gauge: Robusto apparently, is the most popular and recognizable cigar shapes. It produces a generous amount of smoke in a format that burns in the realm of 30 to 45 minutes.

MUMBAI, a Toro 6”x 52 Ring Gauge: Toro delivers cool, approachable draws throughout a generous burn time. This Mumbai cigar shape never over-concentrates the profile a blend offers and, therefore, appeals to a wealth of cigar lovers.

NEW DELHI, a Mighty Mighty 7”x 70 Ring Gauge: They are called the jawbreakers not without any reason. There is something about 70 ring gauge cigars – not just that they’re big, fat smokes, but also offers a cooler burn and a bigger flavour. As the 70’s fans would say more is better! Of the three Indian cities that boast a World Traveler Cigar in their names, the biggest ones are reserved for New Delhi. Though the Traveler cigars are mild bodied, the 7 inches 70 ring gauge giants will keep you engaged for almost two hours, leaving a pile of ash left after the smoke. Quite the right choice for the long Delhi winters!

Did you know?

A cigar is measured by length and ring gauge (diameter). The length is measured in inches. The ring gauge is measured in units of 1/64th of an inch. The girth determines how much of the cigar’s burning tip is exposed to air. The fatter the cigar, the slower and cooler a cigar smokes because more of the filler is exposed to air. The shape is the length balanced with a particular ring gauge.